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101 in 1001 April 1, 2011

The Challange:

Complete 101 preset {by me} tasks in a period of 1001 days.

Start Day: April 1, 2011

End Day: December 24, 2014

The Key:

working on


Note: These task are in no order and will not be finished in any sort of order.


For Myself

001. Buy a DSLR camera

002. Make a list of 25 things that make me happy

003. Get a new badass tattoo

004. Get a pedicure and manicure

005. Get my AA degree

006. Reconnect with an old friend

007. Do something that scares me

008. Buy a new (to me) vehicle

009. Go to eye doctor

010. Buy 8 pairs of new shoes

011. Take my parents to dinner

012. Completely unpack house

013. Get a professional physic reading

014. Go fishing with my dad

015. Meet a new friend

016. Buy a bicycle and ride it

017. Teach Remington a new trick

018. Get chickens/hens

019. Buy new bedding

020. Floss every night for a month

021. Pass out 20 business cards

022. Update resume

023. Buy something I love for myself off Etsy

024. Buy myself flowers for no reason

025. Get life insurance

026. Figure out what I want to do after my AA


027. Learn something new

028. Take a creative class

029. Learn a new craft

030. Sew 20 things

031. Paint on canvas

032. Frame and hang pictures I have taken

033. Take a picture every day of the same things for a month

034. Re-furbish a piece of second-hand furniture


035. Complete the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred

036. Drink 8 cups of water a day for a whole week

037. Lose 50 pounds

038. Get a massage

039. Find out my blood type

040. Get a facial

041. Do a walk for a cause


041. Save $500 and invest it

042. Pay off all 3 credit cards

043. Put $5 away for every goal achieved.

044. Donate money to a charity

Food & Beverage

045. Try at least 2 new recipes a month and blog the recipes including pictures

046. Visit 10 new restaurants in my area

047. Make 5 different ice cream flavors with my ice cream maker

048. Can my own stock, jam or sauce

049. Visit a brewery and take a tour

050. Brew my own beer

051. Eat a meal from my garden


052. Go to IKEA

053. Visit Aunt Linda and Uncle Bert in PA

054. Visit NY to see Aunt Judy, Uncle Jeff, and 3 cousins

055. Visit Calebs dad in California

056. Go on a road trip with no plans (other than asking off work)

057. Beach vacation

058. Mountain vacation

059. Take a weekend trip with my mom

060. Go to Las Vegas

061. Visit a national park

For the Heck of it

062. Steam clean couches or buy new ones

063. Adopt another dog

064. Assemble an emergency kit for the house

065. Take a bartending course

066. Read 101 books, and make a list of them

067. Update my iPod

068. Go camping

069. Watch the sunset

070. Watch the sunrise

071. See snow

072. No cell phone for one weekend (Friday night- Sunday evening)

073. Wear something new everyday for a whole week

074. Kiss in the rain

075. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go

076. Watch 50 movies that I have never seen

077. Go on a picnic

078. Do some volunteer work

079. Have dinner by candlelight

080. Throw a surprise party

081. Host a holiday dinner

082. Go fishing with Caleb

083. Operate some form of heavy machinery

084. See a film in IMAX

085. Play Bingo at the Elks Lodge

086. Have a summer BBQ with friends and family

087. Wash my car by hand

089. Act like a tourist in my own town

090. Use public transportation to go somewhere

091. See a musical or play

092. Go to the circus

093. Go to library and check out books

094. Go to a parade

4/2/11-Spring Time Tallahassee

095. Attend a concert

096. Go kayaking

097. Buy a set of dishes (for 8+ people)

098. Get a gun

099. Go to a costume party

100. Win a contest

101.Complete my 3 page To-Do List on the fridge


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