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crazy… February 14, 2011

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…in love with my amazing boyfriend Caleb! Today is Valentines Day, so its a great day to write all about him!

He has dreamy eyes, super long eyelashes that curl perfectly, and a hairy babyface (seriously, minus all the hair from his face, he looks exactly like he did when he was a baby). He makes me laugh constantly. He tells me I am beautiful all the time. When he rolls over in the middle of the night, he kisses me- its the sweetest thing ever. He comforts me when I am scared. He lets me live out all of my ridiculous ideas- currently we are starting a garden from scratch- we made our compost bin this weekend and its more than 2/3 full from all the food scraps we have been saving from his work and home (go us!). He supports me. GAHHH I LOVE HIM! and best of all, he loves me!


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