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last weekend (feb 11, 12, 13) February 18, 2011

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last weekend was a busy one for me!

Friday night when we got off work, Caleb and I went to our friends Heather + Jarids house for MEXI-NIGHT! Where we had yummy tacos, cowboy caviar and MARGARITAS- my absolute fave! We had lots of laughs and even brought out Jenga to play. 

uhhh caleb and I

he is so darn beautiful

our good friend Jeremy was there too!

look at that concentration

that pretty girl is my friend Heather!


Saturday morning afternoon, i babysat these sweet IDENTICAL twin girls for the first time. they were a lot of fun. can you tell them apart? i had a hard time. i even wrote a note on their fridge’s dry-erase board that said Eliza-dark pink shirt & Alana- light pink shirt….not even sure if i had that right, but i hope so. there mom, Brenda, is too sweet! Her husbands a chef (my boyfriends a chef) and she loves to bake ( i really love to bake), she is keeping a compost (caleb and i just started a compost) & she works at my bank.


Alana light pink shirt

Eliza dark pink shirt

After babysitting A&E, caleb and i poked holes in our compost bin, we have been saving all of our kitchen scraps lately so we can start a compost and start a GARDEN! soooo excited!!

Saturday night i babysat two of my favorite little girls, Emerson and Hadley. They are identical to their dad, and sweet like their mom! Pretty easy babysitting night, dinner, bath, bed. Those girls are like clockwork and go down with an ease with me, i love them.


Sunday, sweet baby Katalina (the baby i currently nanny for) got baptized.

photo taken by my boyfriend who i suppose thinks is okay to cut off peoples heads


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  1. Heather Says:

    🙂 hey! thats meeeee!

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