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i cannot pretend your baby is mine anymore February 24, 2011

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before i post about my ATLANTA visit last weekend, just thought i would share this crazy story from last week.

so, last thursday, i took katalina (the baby i nanny for) to old navy with me because i wanted a new pair of jeans for atlanta. we walked around the whole store, i just kept filling up my cart with things i wanted to try on. every few ladies that walked past us would comment, “oh what a beautiful baby” or “wow, she is big eyes and a sweet smile” and i would just thank them. some ladies would ask what her name was or how old she was and i just tell them. we went in the dressing room, i tried a few things on, found a pair of jeans i liked and we came out of the dressing room…. this is where is gets crazy…i must mention that when i shop, i am in my own world, and become foggy in the brain from clothes. so as we are walking out of the dressing room, an old navy associate takes the stuff from me that i am not purchasing and she started commenting on katalina “oh she is such a sweet baby,” katalina was really hamming it up this day, smiling at everyone who looked at her, it was very sweet. then the lady ask “are you breast feeding?” i thought HUH? WHAT? IS THIS LADY REALLY ASKING THIS? plus my brain was foggy from shopping, and in my complete daze, i replied “yes”….even though i am NOT breast feeding her- duh- she isnt my baby, and i am pretty positive i dont lactate- but katalina is a breast fed baby- by her mother. so i didnt know what to say. usually when people ask me  a question about the baby, they ask, then oogle at the baby, then walk away. so i was completely shocked about this lady asking me this, and completely mortified at what i responded with that i was hoping just to make a mad dash to the check out line. ohh no, i was not getting off the hook that easily this time….

it went a little something like this:

ON lady: “do you breast feed?”

ME: uhhh huh? what? “yeah”

ON lady: “oh girl, how long are you planning on breast feeding?”

ME: really? is this happening? “ohh i dont know, maybe until she is 9 or so months”

ON lady: “oh i have 3 kids, and i breast fed all of them, it really hurts at first- and thats something no one tells you. how are you dealing with it?”

ME: uhh uhh uhh “oh yeah its hard, but healthy for her?”

ON lady “yeah it gets a lot better”

i just kept looking for a way to get out of that conversation. never in my life did i ever expect to have this conversation. it was insane.

im sure you are asking why i just didnt tell her, or anyone else that she wasnt my baby- well the truth is, that nannies arent that popular around here where we live, so most people get a confused look on their face. plus its usually a one liner question that i can answer real quick, smile and walk away.

right after our old navy trip, funny enough, it was time for katalina to nurse, so i took her to her mom, to let her get the job done. i told her mom all about my shopping trip and we laughed.


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