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last weekend March 10, 2011

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Friday, March 4th – Sunday, March 6th

Caleb and I had been so busy since we had moved into our new place, that we really hadn’t had any time with just each other. When we first got together (i should create a whole post on just that!) we would have what we called “date nights”, where we would: get out of the house and go on a date- duh! 🙂 They were simple, maybe just going to dinner, but they created a lot of memories. So, last Thursday night I suggested to Caleb that we should have a date night the next night- so we did. It was fantastic, just getting out of the house, where my to-do list is 3 pages long, ohh the joy of moving into a new (way bigger) house.

Friday as soon as I got of work, went home, and did my hair, put on a cute dress and boots, and we were off to First Friday Gallery Hop! If you arent a Tally Local, then you probably dont know what that is. Its held at RailRoad Square Art Park, the first friday of every month. Its totally free, they have a couple of live bands playing, food vendors, very talented craft vendors, and about 90% of the shops in RRS are open for you to browse through. Its fun, we looked at lots of beautiful artwork, i bought two eco-friendly candles(my weakness!), we shared a snow cone, people watched (one of our favorite things to do together!) and just held hands. It was blissful!

old tattered piano

FSU has this huge studio at RRS, where grad students get a cubicle sized space and go to town creating all sorts of “art”. Its pretty neat to see. I took this picture because Caleb said he liked it, I thought it was a dust collector. ha.

After FFGH we headed downtown to Harry’s. A girl that Caleb works with, also has a serving job there, so we went and enjoyed delicious creole’ food. We started out with the Lobster & Crawfish Eggrolls- which I would order next time, they were amazing! Then Caleb had the Shrimp & Grits, while I enjoyed the Eggplant and Crabmeat Napoleon. Then, the manager came over to our table, Ashley, the girl that works with Caleb as well as works at Harry’s told the manager that Caleb was a chef at her other job, so he came over and chatted with us, and made sure we liked our food and then sent out their chocolate bread pudding- talk about the icing to the cake, that desert was so yummy, we have talked about it every day since.

Then we went home and relaxed, we were stuffed and Caleb had to work the next day.

Saturday, Caleb worked and I signed up for a Vegetable Gardening 101 class at Native Nurseries. It was very informative and made me want to garden even more. We even had a hands on part of the class, where they showed us, in their opinion the best way to plant a tomato plant.

"bury" a tomato plant. Fill in the dirt around it as it grows.

carrots, they grow down, in the dirt

see the baby radishes?

they even had a chicken coop. they collected the eggs to eat and collected the chicken poop for their compost.

After my class, I went to Calebs work and had a delicious eggplant gyro for lunch.

When Caleb got off work, we went to Lowes and purchased some lumber to start our garden. yayy

Sunday, Caleb woke up before me and cooked me a delicious breakfast! We lounged around for a bit and then we built our vegetable and herb garden boxes. We decided to put them in the yard where it was most sunny, with plans to look at the at various times during the week, to make sure they were getting enough sun. We think we will need to move them down towards the house about 2.5 feet.

our garden boxes up close

another view

the vegetable box is 12ft x 4ft & the herb box is 4ft x 4ft.

wish us luck. I am pretty sure we will be planting this weekend 🙂





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