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our garden is GROWING!! March 24, 2011

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I cannot even tell you how excited I am that our garden is actually sprouting. Caleb and I know nothing really about gardening, other than our common sense and what knowledge we have taken from classes and asked around. We started this garden on a whim. I randomly told Caleb that I wanted a garden and he happily obliged. And now that it is growing we are past ourselves.

STRAWBERRIES! See those two green buds? Those are strawberries!

look how tall our tomato plants are getting!

edamame sprouting!

carrots sprouting!

corn sprouting!

see that stick looking thing coming up from the dirt? thats asparagus!

Have I ever mentioned that we have a fig tree in our backyard? Quiet a few people in our neighborhood have them too. Ours is HUGE and just beginning to bloom.

a fig (still growing)

our fig tree

Last Sunday, Caleb and I spent almost all day outside. We ate breakfast out in those chairs, then sipped coffee reading the newspaper for about an hour, we ate an oranges in the afternoon out there. Oh it was a great day!


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