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1500 ladybugs April 14, 2011

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Something was eating the green leaves of our preciously planted veggies and herbs. We talked to a few of our friends who garden and one suggested that we get Marigolds, because they attract ladybugs and ladybugs eat aphids, and aphids are what are more than likely eating away at our garden. So we got 6 Marigold plants, planted them in pots and placed them around the garden, hoping that ladybugs would appear.

We waited.

And waited.

Waited for about a week, and no lady bugs came. We talked to our friend and he said we could just buy some off the internet. So I searched, and could only find ladybugs that came 1500 or more. What the heck was I going to do with 1500 ladybugs, i thought, oh, 20 should do. Well i order them, joked about it all week until they arrived, via USPS- yes, they were in the mailbox.

So, we let them loose in our garden…

Shipped USPS

the back of the box, breathable

netted bag, inside the box where 1500 ladybugs were!


up close

ladybugs on the parsley

proof that the aphids are eating my garden. poor basil.


So hopefully these little ladies will do their job and our garden will be plentiful.

Ladybugs remind me of elementary school. I remember them being everywhere at KLES. It took me back. I made me remember the smells, and even made me smile.

In other garden news, we have our first tomatoes! 4 of them in fact! They are ‘yellow boy tomatoes’ and they make me happy!







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