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Carrabelle RiverWalk Art Festival May 13, 2011

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welcome to Carrabelle

Welcome to Carrabelle

Caleb took a Saturday, March 23, off work, and we were in talks all week about going to the beach for the day. Friday night, my mom tells me that Carrabelle is having an Art Festival and so i google searched it and sure enough, they were. So Saturday morning, we woke up around 9:30am and drove to Carrabelle. It was a fantastic day. The Art Festival wasn’t all that great, but being on the coast was amazing!

After the CRWAF, we drove a little further down the coast to head to Apalachicola for some yummy lunch. We ate at a quaint little place and then walked around the small town square and did a little shopping 🙂

River Walk Art Festival



sand sculptor

It was a beautiful day, nice and sunny with a brisk wind. Caleb and I truly enjoyed ourselves for the day, just getting out of Tallahassee, we made a promise to do it more often 🙂


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