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Downing turned ONE June 20, 2011

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….and had a PAR-TEE!

His mom, Courtney- party planner extraordinaire, had been planning his party since he was about 6 months old. And let me tell you, SHE WENT ALL OUT! They currently are living in Atlanta, but came to celebrate his party here, since lots of their family and friends reside here.

Club Sandwiches, Macaroni and Cheese, Salad, Candy, you name it!

Club Sandwiches, Chips and Dip, Salad, Candy, you name it!

Golf ball Cake-pops, made by moi


Golf themed cupcakes!



monogrammed "smash cake"

Some of the beautiful decor!

cake time!

sharing with Dad


Golf Cart ride with Mr. Robinson!

Hang On!

Hi Jakey!


Front Door Decor

It was a fabulous time enjoyed by all!

Downing holds a very special place in my heart. He is the first boy I ever nannied for, and the absolute sweetest little man you will ever meet. His heart is filled with gold and he has the best, most genuine smile you will ever have flashed upon you. I would love to still be nannying for him, but his family moved to Atlanta for a wonderful job opportunity. I became very close to his mom, Courtney, who is the absolute sweetest friend anyone could have. I miss them very much, and am happy to have them as part of my life. Every time they come into town, we always meet up, and it melts my heart that Downing remembers me!

This is Downing, 3 months, the first day I nannied for him! 🙂



D visits Tally! March 4, 2011

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Sweet Downing, (who i nannied for, for a short time before he moved to Atlanta) came to visit last week. I got to watch him for two days and loved every minute of it. He is such a little charmer!


D & Bunny


bang bang bang on the drum!

love this guy! cant wait to see him next month!