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Katalina Grace is 6 months old! April 8, 2011

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Bunny, as I call her, just celebrated her 1/2 birthday yesterday. Here are pictures I have taken of her over the last 6 months.







I cannot believe how much she has changed over the last few months. She is the sweetest snuggle muffin there is!

Some things about her…

LIKES: when you dance- it makes her laugh. kisses. funny soft noises. soft tickles under her neck. toys. sitting up playing on her piano

DISLIKES: loud noises. when you dont give her what she wants(she will cry this heartbreaking abandonment cry).

She still nurses from her momma, or takes a breast milk bottle of 6oz, she wears size 2 diaper, and 6+month clothes (but can still fit into some 3-6months). She can roll over from front to back and back to front, she can sit unassisted for long periods of time. She laughs. She puts everything in her mouth. She grabs anything and pulls it close to her or into her mouth. She babbles and grawls.


Springtime in Tallahassee April 4, 2011

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This weekend was busy- story of my life.

Friday, after work, my parents met Caleb and I at our house and then we headed to First Friday, where we met up with my brother and his girlfriend, Kaylee. Can we say Triple Date! hahh!

My brother, Justin, and Kaylee

My parents!

Caleb & I

drummers. their music was beautiful!


After First Friday, we headed to Cabos for a late dinner. It was delicious!

Saturday morning I went to the annual Springtime Tallahassee Parade, with the Gonzalez Family. I got to see the parade from a whole different angle, as they were invited to the patio view with catered Chic-fil-a! Cant beat that!

our view, second story of the realtors bldg on the corner of college and monroe.

LHS band

The Catered life, Christian and Adeline

Love this lady!

Springtime Tallahassee is a parade, and that knocks off one of my 101 in 1001!

After the parade, I stopped by Mozaik to see my super cute chef boyfriend. I even tried something new on the menu, the portabella sandwich, and it did not disappoint! Then i went and ran a few errands. When Caleb got off work, we headed to Tallahassee Nurseries to pick up some marigolds for our garden. Marigolds attract lady bugs, lady bugs eat the pest that have been eating the leaves of our garden plants. We bought 6 of them, and planted them in little pots around the garden to welcome as many ladybugs as we can get. If some dont show up in a few days, I will buy some offline- ha!


marigolds and our growing garden

We picked up these tiny watermelon plants too.

Planted the watermelons in our herb box, so they will have plenty of room to grow. Tag says that they are the “perfect icebox watermelons”! Excited to watch these babies grow!

Sunday, the day of rest, was anything but! We had picked up Calebs moms trailer to help my brother get a few things moved out of kaylees old apartment and some stuff out of storage. Sunday when we woke up, it had a flat tire- we didn’t have the proper things to fix it, so we had to wait for his brother to come bring us the correct tools. oh fun! 2hrs later…we met my bro and kaylee and the girls at kaylees old apartment to get the rest of the stuff out: 2 TVs, a couch, an entertainment center, and a few other odds and ends. Then we went back to our house, because we got the couch, a tv and entertainment center (woo hoo to our formal living room actually having furniture in it!). Then we went to the storage unit to get some things out fir