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Saturday with Rawlins May 16, 2011

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Saturday, April 30th I spent my morning with sweet Rawlins. He is 100% BOY and I love it. He adores being outside: running, playing with a ball, chasing the dogs, playing in the grass, you name it- he is game!

He lives on a ton of acreage and I truly LOVE being out at his house, its so breath taking.

"just pushing my blah blah doll around in my mini shopping cart" nbd

kickin' the ball

pushing the car

look at those rosey red cheeks

so handsome

hiding behind the tree




and because I really love the house, here are some other pictures I took…

Morgan always has the best looking fruit dish ever! YUM

my BFF, Mr. Beaver

pears on the pear tree!

ahh i would love to read a book there one afternoon

Front Door.


bumble bee in the kiddie pool


The house, is always beautiful and has so much character and charm! This time of year, everything is blooming and gorgeous!


Rawlins! March 24, 2011

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Rawlins is a sweet boy I babysit from time to time. He has the sweetest smile and laugh. Last Saturday I babysat him for a little over 6 hours and we were outside for around 4 of those hours. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed spending it outside with this cheerful and energetic little man. We drove around their farm up to the chicken coops and where the cows are and we just ran around.

sweet Rawlins

Rawlins checking out the chickens

moo cow

run Rawlins run