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Beach with my family June 5, 2011

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A couple Sundays ago, my family decided to drive over to St. George Island Beach for the day. Beach Season was just beginning, so it wasn’t too crowded and ended up being a PERFECT day!

my brother digging in the sand



Caleb and I

Ainsley, Caleb and Taylor waiting for a wave


dad fishing

Justin, Kaylee and mom, sunning



Easter 2011 May 15, 2011

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Started the day off at my parents, where they the Easter Bunny hid eggs for my nieces. They throughly enjoyed running around picking up eggs, to see who could get the most, at the end, my parents made them split them equally.

who got the first egg?!!

green egg for Ainsley

on the hunt

oh no, Ainsley dropped all her eggs

the girls showing their bounty to Papa

(when my Father saw this picture, he laughed and said “WOW does my hair really look like that from the back?!?” – uh yes dad, it does in fact look like that- i told him i liked it, and i do. Salt on the top, pepper on the bottom!)

Meet Jax!

My brothers new dog! He just turned one, and is very lazy, but we love him. Welcome to the family!

Caleb, photo taken by my 7 year old niece, Taylor!

After a brunch at my parents, Caleb and I headed over to his Grandparents where they hid Easter eggs for us, we each got to hunt for 6 eggs and inside the eggs are little pieces of folded paper with a money amount written on them, when you open them, you cash in with Grandpa. I must point out, that i was the big winner last year, my first time playing, and this year they decided to be fair and wrote $20 on each piece of folded paper, so we all ended up with $120! BALLERS!

we are READY!

hunting with Grandpa!

Grandpa takes pride in hiding the eggs, and man does he have us twenty-something-year-old hunting hard for them. He has a few of the same hiding spots each year, but this year he got tricky! We were on our hands and knees hunting them!

my Easter basket 🙂


a day in the life of a seven year old March 29, 2011

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just typing that header made me fee a little bit older. yikes.

Last week, was my niece, Taylor’s, Spring Break. I had Friday off, so I offered to hang out with her all day. My brother asked what I had planned, and I told him that I had quite a few errands and then maybe I could take her for a pedicure.

Our first stop, was my parents office. They work at the same place, and they hadn’t seen Taylor is almost a week (that translated into grandparents time is f.o.r.e.v.e.r!). First we surprised my dad, he couldn’t have been happier to see her. He showed us all around his office, all the cardiology machines, x-rays, doctors, nurses, break room, you name it- we saw it. For a seven year old, she was thrilled, taking it all in, holding her Papa’s hand the whole time. It was sweet. Then we rode the elevator up to the 3rd floor, where my mom was and we ambushed her, she was thrilled. Taylor played with all the things in her office, and on the way out she hit up the candy bowl, for not one, not two, but three pieces of candy.

Our next stop was TCC (i needed to drop something off), we took the long scenic route via tennessee street, and Taylor asked a billion questions. We talked all about college- how you can pick when your classes are, and thats why there were a billion people crossing the streets all around FSU. When we got to TCC she couldnt believe how many people there were- i just giggled. Sweet Taylor told me on the way out “I like this school, do you think they will let me come here?” Ohhh sweet Taylor, TCC lets almost everyone come. ha! So innocent.

After TCC, we headed to Mozaik for lunch. Yum! We sat at the bar, Taylor ordered the pork quesadilla, and I had the eggplant gyro. Then Sweet Taylor talked me into ordering dessert. She ordered the chocolate cake and strawberry trifle and I had the espresso creme brulee. Oh me oh my, they were fantastic.

T & her lunch.

T & her dessert.

my yummy dessert.

After our fancy lunch, what did us girls do? We went and got our toes done! Taylor picked out some neon pink shade for her toes, i went with the casual pink beet color. Taylor was most excited about her sprite she got. Oh how to win the heart of a seven year old.

With our toes painted we made a quick stop at M&M monogram, I had to pick some things I had monogrammed for myself (hey, a girl can treat herself, right?!!). Taylor talked me into buying her a $15 headband! Whoa, i know, but she is pretty darn cute!

We were headed home when we decided to stop in at Old Navy, Tay picked out these super cute sandals with a little bow on them. And we picked out a shirt for her little sister Ainsley, after all, we didn’t want to leave her out!

Then we went back to my house, I showed her my garden and she wanted to water it, so I let her. We sat outside and threw Remi pup the tennis ball for awhile, then she wanted to play video games with Caleb. Huh? Sweet Taylor, with her toes painted, new sandals, a $15 headband, and she wanted to play a boys video game?! Thats Taylor for you! 🙂


missing teeth March 5, 2011

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My sweet niece Taylor, really is growing up. This week, she has lost TWO of her baby teeth! Her first one while she was at her moms, and her second one, came out last night while i was over at her dads house bringing them dinner! 🙂

one missing tooth
wiggle wiggle

and viola!:

two missing teeth

crazy how fast it happened.

sorry for the low picture quality, they were taken on my cell phone.


Taylor is SEVEN! March 4, 2011

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My beautiful niece, Taylor, just turned 7 last Saturday and we celebrated her birthday at Happy Trails. She and her friends had a grand time. They fed the horses hay, watched the cat do tricks, watched the dog do tricks, took a hayride, rode horses, blew out candles on a beautiful birthday cake and opened gifts!

I cannot believe she is seven years old now! I was in high school when she was born and i was infatuated with her. She is so beautiful, smart, and funny and has the sweetest laugh. I feel so much older now that she is older. Funny how that works. One of my favorite memories I have of her is when she was about four, she was in to making up stories and she would start them out “One Upon a Time” instead of “Once Upon a Time” then she would just make up these absolute crazy stories- they were hilarious!

Taylor and her sweet friends

doc dunlittle

T feeds Hunter

My brother, Justin, his girlfriend, Kaylee and Ainsley

nom nom nom


hula hoop poodle


mom & i



Taylor and her beautiful custom made cake by Lauren

Hello Kitty Cake

Ainsley & Taylor riding

make a wish

blowing out the candles

Ainsley ate TWO pieces of cake and about three of the "lollipops" off of the cake. She LOVED it to say the least.

The party was great. Taylor loved every aspect of it! The cake was sooo yummy! I am not a fan of chocolate cake, but this cake was soooo amazing i am thinking of creating a fake birthday just so I can call Lauren back up and get her to create another cake just for me! I had her almond cake a few weeks ago, and it was probably the best cake i have ever had and cannot stop thinking about it. She will be getting lots of business from me! 🙂