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Carrabelle RiverWalk Art Festival May 13, 2011

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welcome to Carrabelle

Welcome to Carrabelle

Caleb took a Saturday, March 23, off work, and we were in talks all week about going to the beach for the day. Friday night, my mom tells me that Carrabelle is having an Art Festival and so i google searched it and sure enough, they were. So Saturday morning, we woke up around 9:30am and drove to Carrabelle. It was a fantastic day. The Art Festival wasn’t all that great, but being on the coast was amazing!

After the CRWAF, we drove a little further down the coast to head to Apalachicola for some yummy lunch. We ate at a quaint little place and then walked around the small town square and did a little shopping 🙂

River Walk Art Festival



sand sculptor

It was a beautiful day, nice and sunny with a brisk wind. Caleb and I truly enjoyed ourselves for the day, just getting out of Tallahassee, we made a promise to do it more often 🙂


ATLANTA! March 3, 2011

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My boss, Angela, and I, along with her baby, Katalina, drove to Atlanta, GA the weekend of February 18th.

spaghetti junction

Friday night we stayed with Angelas good friend, Adeena, in her beautiful home and she cooked us an AMAZING dinner. Adeena is Pakistani and she cooked us perhaps the best chicken dinner i have ever tasted. This is a traditional Desi meal ( . This chicken is marinated in yogurt and spices, then you have naan (bread) and an onion, tomato, cucumber, cilantro salad, and rita (pronounced rye-ta). My mouth is watering just looking at it. No lie, it was delicious!

Desi Food, prepared by Adeena!

(that was my second plate full)

Saturday morning we woke up and enjoyed a delicious breakfast! YUMMY! Then we headed out to see Atlanta!

First stop, The Container Store. This place is an organizers heaven! It inspired me to become more organized, but truth be told, i would need to go back and purchase about $500 worth of stuff to help me. My absolute favorite isle was the wrapping paper isle. Ha! Seriously, it was. I regret not purchasing any of it, it was all so nice! Must go back!

wrapping paper at the container store

display of wrapped "gifts" at the container store

Then we went to Trader Joes. I had very high expectations of this place, and the only thing it didnt impress me on was the amount of stuff it had. I thought it would be an Fresh Market, New Leaf Market and EarthFare all combined and on steroids. If I was going home to cook, i would have purchased more, because they did have some mighty delicious looking food options. Not to mention the $3 wine. Angela bought some to try.


I purchased $50 worth of coffee (and a thing of chai and mints). The coffee, for Caleb. You might be thinking $50 for coffee- whoa!, but if you see my monthly spendings at Starbucks, then you would think otherwise. Thats a little over 8lbs of coffee- Caleb was happy! And he says its delicious too!

my purchases from Trader Joes

For a late lunch, we ate at Zyka, an indian restaurant. Not as good as Adeenas cooking, but still yummy.

Zyka menu

zyka food

no worries, it does in fact look like poop, but is is beef, they cooked it on a kabob type thing, so thats why it looks like poop. It was good. My favorite, was the redish looking chicken

Angela, Katalina, Zahra, and Adeena

Bunny & I

Courtney and Downing came and picked me up that evening so i could stay the night with them in Smyrna. They just moved there and I missed them and was happy to see them. So happy, I didn’t any pictures of my time with their sweet family. After Downing went to bed, Courtney, her husband Chad and I all watched Easy A. It was an okay movie, their company was better 🙂 The next morning, we got up, I snuggled and played with D and then Courtney, D and I went to IKEA!! where we met Angela and Baby Katalina.

IKEA! What an AMAZING place. If you haven’t ever been, you MUST go, like NOW! Pack your car this minute and go! I loved everything i saw! they had rooms set up, as if someone could live there. It was organized, clean and beautiful! They even had a cafe, which served yummy food and we were pleased to have even found bottle warmers there!

the picture says it all!

love this kitchen at ikea!

perhaps, i can have a kitchen like this one day! i told Caleb all about how much i loved it! he said he will go with me next time.

a closet with a chaise?!! sign me up!

i loved this whole room, but the bed was to die for! i need it in my life

I really loved this whole bedroom. the bed was the best, so cute. i want it now. (hello: santa, this is on my christmas wish list)

ALL my goodies from IKEA!

My IKEA goodies include: a butchers block for Caleb($10), a meat tenderizer($5), kids cups x2($2), kids bowls x2($2), and kid utensils($2) for my nieces, a wok($5), stock pot($14), mini sauce pot ($7), set of 3 wooden cooking utensils (.49c), white candle holders x4 (.89c), 4 black & 4 red wooden framed mirrors ($2 each, maybe less), a magnified mirror that you mount to the wall and fold out( $5), 2 art sets that included paints, crayons and colored pencils for my nieces ($6 each), colored straws (.89c)

I was one happy girl at Ikea, and I got so much great stuff, and want so much more!

My trip to Atlanta was fun, but too short! Need to go back for a like 4 or 5 day trip. Just so much I want to do there, plus, i know i have a warm and super cozy bed to sleep in at The Jordans