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wishful thinking June 22, 2011

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I’ve been home sick the last few days and last night I told Caleb that I really kinda enjoy being a stay-at-home-dog-lover-and-garden-keeper. (other than the whole, sore throat, running nose, coughing up a lung, throwing up part.) Caleb responded by saying he wished he made enough money for that to happen.

Literally though, I water my garden 5+ times a day! It needs it in this HotHotHeat!


Biker Grandma May 21, 2011

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Calebs grandma turned 82 at the beginning of May! We all got together and celebrated the Sunday before her Birthday, because her actual Birthday was the kick-off to the new Bike Night at Millar’s Ale House. Calebs mom played a major role in putting together the kick off for the bike night! So thats why we celebrated early.

Birthday Girl and her Birthday Cupcake

On Grandma Iris’ actual Birthday, Caleb and I went over to her house early to help her transform into ‘Biker Grandma’ complete with a Harley Davidson shirt and fake tattoos!

tattoo transformation

hardcore chest tattoo

When we got to Millar’s, she was quite the hit!

family photo

grandma and her bikers

Grandma and Grandpa


behind May 3, 2011

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hello, its may now. i need to catch up on the rest of april, so be prepared for post overload!

k, thx


sickly April 11, 2011

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i spent this weekend being sick.

threw myself a pity party.

slept all day on saturday.

sunday i managed to meet my family for breakfast at cracker barrel, but was grumpy because it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

tossed and turned all night last night

and now i am at work

and whiney!


The FRUITs of our labor April 9, 2011

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LOOK! Our garden is seriously growing! We even have our first strawberry! Go us!

Unfortunately, we have a tiny pest problem thats eating away at our pepper leaves and our sweet basil. No worries, i ordered 1500 live ladybugs off amazon that should be arriving any day. Yes, 1500 is a lot, but it was the smallest quantity of them I could find.


Wainwright Family Farm 5 days after the fire March 18, 2011

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Caleb and I went out to the Farm last night and brought Uncle Jack and Aunt Marsha dinner. Caleb’s mom, Jeanne, and brother, Chase, came out too.

Earlier that day they got the report back from the Fire Investigator stating the cause of the fire. It was in fact the chimney. From what I understand, the chimney is made up of three layers. You have the outer bricks(the same as the outside of the house) then you have a wood layer (to support the bricks) and then you have a metal layer. The metal layer is what is at fault. Since you cant have one continuous metal sheet, there had to be seems, the seems are then crimped together to create a seal. The crimped seal came apart slightly and smoke from fires burned in the fireplace got trapped in between the metal and wood and created a fire. Before Uncle Jack noticed anything, it was too late. They were on the bottom floor of the house and the fire started on the second floor.

They are still truly blessed to be alive, and have a roof over their heads. They were lucky enough to be able to “move” into the smaller house on the property. The house has most of what they need. Aunt Marsha and Uncle Jack couldn’t think of anything they needed, and only have a few small request which i will list below.

What is left of the 4,580 sq ft home

melted the mortar right out of the bricks

can you see the tile from the bathroom?

zoomed in on the pantry, see the marinara sauce?


back porch

the cause!

Its crazy to me to see the things that survived. Marinara sauce, really.

The house just got released to them, but they have to pull the bricks down and away from the house before they can go “in” and search for things. They are hopeful to find things under the rubble.

Their request seem so small, so please help if are able to.

-Recipes, yours or books

-kitchen items such as pots, pans, bakeware, cups, mugs and kitchen utensils

-picture frames and photo albums

Thats all that they could think of. Couldn’t you help?

Thank you to all those who have already reached out and helped, may God bless you tenfold.


i cannot pretend your baby is mine anymore February 24, 2011

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before i post about my ATLANTA visit last weekend, just thought i would share this crazy story from last week.

so, last thursday, i took katalina (the baby i nanny for) to old navy with me because i wanted a new pair of jeans for atlanta. we walked around the whole store, i just kept filling up my cart with things i wanted to try on. every few ladies that walked past us would comment, “oh what a beautiful baby” or “wow, she is big eyes and a sweet smile” and i would just thank them. some ladies would ask what her name was or how old she was and i just tell them. we went in the dressing room, i tried a few things on, found a pair of jeans i liked and we came out of the dressing room…. this is where is gets crazy…i must mention that when i shop, i am in my own world, and become foggy in the brain from clothes. so as we are walking out of the dressing room, an old navy associate takes the stuff from me that i am not purchasing and she started commenting on katalina “oh she is such a sweet baby,” katalina was really hamming it up this day, smiling at everyone who looked at her, it was very sweet. then the lady ask “are you breast feeding?” i thought HUH? WHAT? IS THIS LADY REALLY ASKING THIS? plus my brain was foggy from shopping, and in my complete daze, i replied “yes”….even though i am NOT breast feeding her- duh- she isnt my baby, and i am pretty positive i dont lactate- but katalina is a breast fed baby- by her mother. so i didnt know what to say. usually when people ask me  a question about the baby, they ask, then oogle at the baby, then walk away. so i was completely shocked about this lady asking me this, and completely mortified at what i responded with that i was hoping just to make a mad dash to the check out line. ohh no, i was not getting off the hook that easily this time….

it went a little something like this:

ON lady: “do you breast feed?”

ME: uhhh huh? what? “yeah”

ON lady: “oh girl, how long are you planning on breast feeding?”

ME: really? is this happening? “ohh i dont know, maybe until she is 9 or so months”

ON lady: “oh i have 3 kids, and i breast fed all of them, it really hurts at first- and thats something no one tells you. how are you dealing with it?”

ME: uhh uhh uhh “oh yeah its hard, but healthy for her?”

ON lady “yeah it gets a lot better”

i just kept looking for a way to get out of that conversation. never in my life did i ever expect to have this conversation. it was insane.

im sure you are asking why i just didnt tell her, or anyone else that she wasnt my baby- well the truth is, that nannies arent that popular around here where we live, so most people get a confused look on their face. plus its usually a one liner question that i can answer real quick, smile and walk away.

right after our old navy trip, funny enough, it was time for katalina to nurse, so i took her to her mom, to let her get the job done. i told her mom all about my shopping trip and we laughed.