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Wainwright Family Farm 5 days after the fire March 18, 2011

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Caleb and I went out to the Farm last night and brought Uncle Jack and Aunt Marsha dinner. Caleb’s mom, Jeanne, and brother, Chase, came out too.

Earlier that day they got the report back from the Fire Investigator stating the cause of the fire. It was in fact the chimney. From what I understand, the chimney is made up of three layers. You have the outer bricks(the same as the outside of the house) then you have a wood layer (to support the bricks) and then you have a metal layer. The metal layer is what is at fault. Since you cant have one continuous metal sheet, there had to be seems, the seems are then crimped together to create a seal. The crimped seal came apart slightly and smoke from fires burned in the fireplace got trapped in between the metal and wood and created a fire. Before Uncle Jack noticed anything, it was too late. They were on the bottom floor of the house and the fire started on the second floor.

They are still truly blessed to be alive, and have a roof over their heads. They were lucky enough to be able to “move” into the smaller house on the property. The house has most of what they need. Aunt Marsha and Uncle Jack couldn’t think of anything they needed, and only have a few small request which i will list below.

What is left of the 4,580 sq ft home

melted the mortar right out of the bricks

can you see the tile from the bathroom?

zoomed in on the pantry, see the marinara sauce?


back porch

the cause!

Its crazy to me to see the things that survived. Marinara sauce, really.

The house just got released to them, but they have to pull the bricks down and away from the house before they can go “in” and search for things. They are hopeful to find things under the rubble.

Their request seem so small, so please help if are able to.

-Recipes, yours or books

-kitchen items such as pots, pans, bakeware, cups, mugs and kitchen utensils

-picture frames and photo albums

Thats all that they could think of. Couldn’t you help?

Thank you to all those who have already reached out and helped, may God bless you tenfold.


Wainwright Family Farm Fire March 14, 2011

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I have been struggling to write this post, because it is devastating and something I have never experienced.

Saturday, March 12, 2011,  I was enjoying my lunch at Mozaik, i get the same lunch every time I go: eggplant gyro minus the bread (its delicious!). Then, I see Caleb walk out of the kitchen towards me, he is on his phone and has the most concerned and shocked face I have ever seen him wear. I can tell it has something to do with his family, he gets off the phone and tells me “that was chad, the big house is on fire.” I was completely shocked, didn’t know what to think or do, but knew I needed to do something. I sent a text to Aunt Marsha and asked if I could come out right away, and her response was: “nothing you can do, its a total loss”. My heart sank. I quickly left Mozaik, and rushed out to the farm, not knowing what to expect. The second I merged off the Gretna/ Greeensboro exit, I could smell fire. When I turned on their road, I could smell it even more, and could see a huge cloud of smoke covering the land.

driving towards the farm

second story, completely gone

The Hills, Psalms 50:9-15

garage view

back of the house view

still on fire

burnt oranges and bedroom door

fire on the front of the house

view of the front of the house

second floor collapsed into the garage

kitchen table on fire

back porch

about this time, the last fire truck had left. they said there was “nothing more they could do, and that there would be more small fires to probably pop back up, and to just give them a call.”

I will never understand why they just gave up and left because there was “nothing” more they could do.

Caleb and his cousin Chad, walked around close to the house and got some pictures of the inside of the house:

looking inside the front door, at the steps going upstairs

Chad looking in to see if there is anything left

looking in on the back porch

I took this quote off of Calebs cousin, Kyla’s Facebook:

“Well, it is a total loss. 😦 The fire started around 10 this morning and completely engulfed the upstairs within an hour. My aunt and uncle and their dogs made it out fine. They were able to save their backup files for their business but lost everything else, other than the clothes on their backs. Apparently the fire started in the chimney and backed up to the top in which it caught the chimney eves on fire; spreading from there. My uncle is a gun collector and had quite a large amount of amo as well. When the firefighters arrived, they began fighting the fire externally and internally upstairs. Unfortunately, the amo started exploiding so they had to leave the inside and join the outside crew. Basically, the fire had consumed so much inside, they decided to just maintained a continuous stream of water on the outside to keep the fire from jumping into the yard and pastures.”

It was such a tough day, to watch for hours as the house just kept burning. Uncle Jack and Aunt Marsha, the occupants, were just thankful to be alive. The 4,580 square foot home, that had all of their belongings, gone. All of their earthly possessions gone.

Caleb and I left, along with everyone, as the sun was setting. All the family held hands and Ama said a prayer. It was this day that we hugged a little longer and held hands a little tighter.

Uncle Jack and Aunt Marsha will be staying at the “Little House” on the farm, that is equipped with the essentials. They have a few sets of clothes that Aunt Jan and a friend bought. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

This morning when I checked my Facebook, Aunt Marsha commented under a picture I uploaded from my phone of the house on fire:

“Well the fire department just left again, keep coming back to put out the hot spots. We are so thankful to be alive and all the fire people are safe. There were 8 vol fire depts here yesterday! Still smoldering! God is good All the time! Thanks for your prayers! Red Cross coming tomorrow. Please pray for all those in Japan and areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami.”

How humble is she! All her things are gone, and she wants us to pray for others.

How to HELP: A few people have already reached out to me wanting to help. I am not sure of the specifics of what they need. Caleb and I will be going out the the Farm this Thursday afternoon. We will know more then. Calebs mom is trying to put a poker run together and will get the details on here as soon as I know them. If you would like to make a donation, please call me or email me:  anything is helpful. Thank you!