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Good Friday May 10, 2011

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a little late on this, seeing how it was a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, my niece Ainsley came to work with me since the preschool she goes to was closed for the holiday.

i painted her toe nails

we took the babies for a walk

we found a wild berry bush, and ate the berries

and of course, we played with the babies

I adored hanging out with her, and need to do it more often. She is very sweet and well behaved.


collards May 3, 2011

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Saturday April 16th, my mom and I spent the day frolicking around town. Caleb had to work, and my dad was in a kayak fishing tournament, so that left us ladies to spend their monies- just kidding 🙂

We didn’t have much planned other than we knew we wanted to go to the farmers market in market square. So that was our first stop. We looked at everyones different produced and then bought the things we wanted. I never had collards growing up, but Calebs grandmother has made them once for us, and i love them. So this one lady was selling a few things we wanted, including collards, so we purchased things from her. She had collards that were already cut up in a bag without stems, but i wanted to do them all by myself, so i bought the ones that weren’t precut. A whopping 10+lbs of collards for $4- sounded like a steal to me.

Then we headed to shoe station, because, well, what girl couldn’t use a new pair of shoes! Well I looked, and looked, and saw a few things, but they were out of my price range, so I told my mom I wasn’t getting anything, She BEGGED me to let her buy me something. Seriously, begged me- told me that i should take advantage while she was offering. I just felt so bad- $70 for a pair of shoes, no way! But I picked out a new pair of tennis shoes, after all, I haven’t had a new pair since 2005! She then tried to talk me into letting her buy me another pair. Thats where I drew the line.

After shoe shopping, we then headed to Mozaik for a delicious lunch. We split the crab cake appetizer and then split the portabella sandwich- delicious!

Then we went all the way across town to Earth Fare- she had never been, so I had to show her what all the hype was about.

Then we went back to my parents house to hang out. I love my sweet mom! She is the absolute best!


Later that night, i decided to cook the collard greens. and boy, was cutting them a production. After trying various techniques, i decided to whop out my awesome papered chef pizza cutter, then i had them suckers down to a science.

I just cooked them in some water with a little seasonings such as salt, pepper, and cajun seasons. They turned out delicious. We ate them with chicken sausage and jalapeno cornbread muffins. yum!

collard leaf

cuttin' collards

cookin' collards

dinner- yummy!


the curry pot

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well, in honor of my 101 in 1001, caleb and i ate at a local indian restaurant called the curry pot (located in betton place).

neither one of us had ever eaten there, so we gave it a shot. it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad, maybe just alright.

here are a few pictures of what we ate:

calebs plate: lamb

sauces and rice

my plate: tandoori chicken

i believe the date we ate at the curry pot was friday 4/8/11



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hello, its may now. i need to catch up on the rest of april, so be prepared for post overload!

k, thx


Bunny gets BANANAS April 15, 2011

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Katalina got her first taste of baby food: bananas over the weekend, and i got to feed her some on Monday. Something about giving a baby food, really signifies the fact that they are growing older, and its bittersweet.


1500 ladybugs April 14, 2011

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Something was eating the green leaves of our preciously planted veggies and herbs. We talked to a few of our friends who garden and one suggested that we get Marigolds, because they attract ladybugs and ladybugs eat aphids, and aphids are what are more than likely eating away at our garden. So we got 6 Marigold plants, planted them in pots and placed them around the garden, hoping that ladybugs would appear.

We waited.

And waited.

Waited for about a week, and no lady bugs came. We talked to our friend and he said we could just buy some off the internet. So I searched, and could only find ladybugs that came 1500 or more. What the heck was I going to do with 1500 ladybugs, i thought, oh, 20 should do. Well i order them, joked about it all week until they arrived, via USPS- yes, they were in the mailbox.

So, we let them loose in our garden…

Shipped USPS

the back of the box, breathable

netted bag, inside the box where 1500 ladybugs were!


up close

ladybugs on the parsley

proof that the aphids are eating my garden. poor basil.


So hopefully these little ladies will do their job and our garden will be plentiful.

Ladybugs remind me of elementary school. I remember them being everywhere at KLES. It took me back. I made me remember the smells, and even made me smile.

In other garden news, we have our first tomatoes! 4 of them in fact! They are ‘yellow boy tomatoes’ and they make me happy!







sickly April 11, 2011

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i spent this weekend being sick.

threw myself a pity party.

slept all day on saturday.

sunday i managed to meet my family for breakfast at cracker barrel, but was grumpy because it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

tossed and turned all night last night

and now i am at work

and whiney!